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Laurel Fork Portable Fly-Tying Desk

Laurel Fork Portable Fly-Tying Desk

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Stain Colior

The Laurel Fork Desk is a table-top model that allows you to work on any flat surface!

Just can't leave the kitchen table?

The Laurel Fork Tying Desk offers you a great work station to tie flies at the kitchen table or any other table-top surface. 

And, if you're moderately agile, maybe even in your lap...

The desk is made from pine and can be stained in any of the available wood stains listed.  Some pictures in the listing show a different model for the stain color - this is to show you what the stain color looks like, as I may not have a pic of the Laurel Fork in that stain color.

The base of the table measures 20 1/2" across x by 11 3/4" wide, and 5 3/4" high from bottom to table top.  The back Framed section measures 11" to the top, from the bottom of the base.  Table top measures 20" wide by 10 1/4" deep.

The "flash fish" stands an additional 8" above the top of the back frame.  The fish has 6 dowels for holding flash.  Hair clips are included to help secure your flash.  You can choose any of the fish i have listed for your "FLash fish".  In comments at checkout, please tell me which fish you would like.  Here is a link for the options: Flash Fish Options

Against the back frame, two compartments have been placed to hold large tying material, like bucktail and feathers.  The areas are enclosed by twine.

On the tying surface, 12, 1 1/2" hook and bead trays have been placed.  A large magnet is in the bottom of each tray to hold your materials in place.  In addition, 3 wine corks for fly drying have been placed on each side.

18 tool slots have been drilled into the side frame of the desk:  6 on each side, and 6 on the front.

On each side, a vise-mounting trout is secured.  These trout are made of poplar, and they are 1" thick, so you can tighten down your vise.  In addition, 11 spool dowels are included on each trout - each dowel can hold 2 spools.

On the base, a large drawer is available to hold materials and tools.  The inside measurements are 16 3/4" across, 8 3/4" wide, and 2" deep.  The drawer is secured by two magnets on the back of the drawer, which keep it in place.

On each side of the desk, handles have been placed for easy handling.

Desks are made to order, so please allow 30-45 days for completion.

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