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Turkey Blind Folding Table

Turkey Blind Folding Table

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*I have 5 of these made and ready to ship as of 3/10/24 - Just in time for Turkey Season!

In 2023, I was sitting in my turkey blind, with a  hot Gobbler coming in.  I moved my foot and hit the box call that was lying on the ground.  The loud, odd shriek was enough to turn him off, and I never saw him again...

So, after thinking about it that night, I built myself a rudimentary folding table to take with me the next week - something where I could sit all my calls, coffee, phone, etc.  Something where I could keep all my calls at close range and off the ground, near my feet.

I told my Father-in-Law, who has hunted turkeys in Kentucky his whole adult life, about the table to see if he wanted me to build him one.  He said he didn't think he'd be interested in that...

When I had killed my second Gobbler, I stopped by his house to show him the bird, and I also showed him the table.  He said, "I think I'd like one of those!"

So, this Spring, I decided to design and offer one that looks great, is well made, and easy to carry. 

The table top measures 17" long x 8" wide.  A 1/4" closed-cell foam pad is placed over three-fourths of the top to keep noise at a minimum.  Two turkey feathers are hand-painted on the other quarter of the top, and a lip is placed between both areas.

Three slots are placed toward the back top of one side, which allows you to place your strikers in their own area.

The top is made from pine and is stained in gray.  Three coats of spray semi-gloss polyurethane are applied.

The legs are made from hard wood poplar.  They are stained in dark walnut and coated with three coats of spray semi-gloss polyurethane.

The table measures 24" to the top, so it will work well with low and high blind chairs.

The table legs fold for easy carrying, as seen in the pictures.

*Calls and other items in some of the pictures are not included.  Listing is for table only.

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